'Hele slechte scheidsrechter' krijgt er flink van langs: 'Hij irriteert alles en iedereen rondom voetbal'

maandag, 18 maart 2024 om 15:06
joey kooij
Kenneth Perez was very critical of referee Joey Kooij after the PSV-FC Twente match. Twente seemed to take the lead a minute after the break through a header by Myron Boadu. However, the goal was disallowed for allegedly obstructing goalkeeper Walter Benitez. Afterwards there was a lot of reaction to the disallowed goal.
"I am not of the opinion that a goalkeeper is sacred," Perez begins. 'If this is not allowed... The goalkeeper actually comes out too weak or wrong, causing him to lose his balance. This is so light and I think it is right that the VAR stays away from it. It is not obvious that a violation has been committed. But after five seconds the referee decides, I'm going to blow the whistle for this. He is really a very bad referee and on top of that he also has a very bad appearance. He irritates everything and everyone around football.'

Pure badass 

Perez is clearly not a fan and will continue for a while. 'He makes very crazy decisions. In the end he also acts very tough with a yellow card, because the throw-in takes a little longer. And because it takes a little longer, he adds a whole minute. It's just bullshit. One more minute, just focus on myself . A referee is there to direct the game. And preferably inconspicuous, but that hasn't been the case for a long time, they are almost celebrities. They think of themselves as something very special.'

Very sour

Twente coach Joseph Oosting also believes that a goal has been denied. 'I think it's a goal, but I'm not a referee, I'm a coach and I have to ensure that my players make these balls. But I think it's a fair goal. It's just very sad, because it affects the course of the match.' Twente eventually lost to PSV in the last minute, due to a goal from Ricardo Pepi.


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